27 April 2011

Vero's AA

AA is one of billions people who had birthday yesterday. But what made his birthday special is that we went to his house to take him by surprise. This idea came from Vero, who baked him some luscious birthday cupcakes. So, in a very fine morning yesterday, we; DJ, Billy, Ody, Devris, Stvnt, Surya and me, went to kompleks cemara asri where he resides. Since we had to wait for Vero and Witty's arrival, we decided to have our breakfast first at mie pangsit awai. Then we went there separately; the girls by Vero's car, the boys by Devris' car and Stvnt by Surya's motorbike.

When we arrived there, we quickly prepared the cake we bought and the cupcakes Vero made. It was quite a mess actually since AA had time to prepare himself while we were trying impetuously to light up around 15 candles in front of his house and of course there were a lot of noise and shriek. When we have finally entered his house, we screamed at him to go downstairs. I think he was quite suprised and impressed since he had no idea about finding his friends in the morning of his birthday, at his house, each holding a cupcake with a candle on it. We asked him to blow all the magic candles which will light up again no matter how hard he blow it. He went hither and thither to blow all candles, and we sang him a birthday song afterwards.

I believe we made such a noise his mother went down to join us, and to my astonishment, his mother looked young and beautiful. Then we had the cutting cake session; his mother got the first cake and Vero got the second cake. After having a nice talk, we kindly giving AA a total makeover. We put a lot of cream to his eyebrow, cheek and nose, we also broke some eggs on his head and covered him with flour. Then we had him bathed in a dry gutter in front of his house. We hosed him down and soaked everything. It was so much fun, I swear. But, if I were him, I would cry myself out since we were all so wild and showed no mercy.

Satisfied, we went back to his house to change to our uniforms. Yes, we had afternoon classes yesterday and it was suck! Actually I didn't feel comfortable since we were grubby and clammy, and we didn't bath. I'm quite I-know-you-don't-know about this thing. I mean, I'm okay with being dirty, but after that, I'll wash myself thoroughly and make sure I am head over heels clean. Yeah, I'm this kind of person – not cool you know, but it's hard to change a habit. Back to the story, we went to have lunch together at New Island, but DJ couldn't join us since her brother has come to fetch her. We need to rush in order to arrive at school on time, and off we went after the lunch. What a great time I should say.

Nah, about the title, actually it was a mistake done by Billy. He bought the birthday cake and had it written, Happy Birthday Vero's future wife AA. He texted me a night before and I was just like, Gosh! Why did you write that? She'll be angry. I took no heed of the "wife" part until he mentioned about it. The next morning he told me that he has wiped it out, so it became, Vero's future AA. Another disaster happened again as we forgot that the cake could melt. Finally it turned out to be Vero's AA.


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