27 April 2011

Vero's AA

AA is one of billions people who had birthday yesterday. But what made his birthday special is that we went to his house to take him by surprise. This idea came from Vero, who baked him some luscious birthday cupcakes. So, in a very fine morning yesterday, we; DJ, Billy, Ody, Devris, Stvnt, Surya and me, went to kompleks cemara asri where he resides. Since we had to wait for Vero and Witty's arrival, we decided to have our breakfast first at mie pangsit awai. Then we went there separately; the girls by Vero's car, the boys by Devris' car and Stvnt by Surya's motorbike.

When we arrived there, we quickly prepared the cake we bought and the cupcakes Vero made. It was quite a mess actually since AA had time to prepare himself while we were trying impetuously to light up around 15 candles in front of his house and of course there were a lot of noise and shriek. When we have finally entered his house, we screamed at him to go downstairs. I think he was quite suprised and impressed since he had no idea about finding his friends in the morning of his birthday, at his house, each holding a cupcake with a candle on it. We asked him to blow all the magic candles which will light up again no matter how hard he blow it. He went hither and thither to blow all candles, and we sang him a birthday song afterwards.

I believe we made such a noise his mother went down to join us, and to my astonishment, his mother looked young and beautiful. Then we had the cutting cake session; his mother got the first cake and Vero got the second cake. After having a nice talk, we kindly giving AA a total makeover. We put a lot of cream to his eyebrow, cheek and nose, we also broke some eggs on his head and covered him with flour. Then we had him bathed in a dry gutter in front of his house. We hosed him down and soaked everything. It was so much fun, I swear. But, if I were him, I would cry myself out since we were all so wild and showed no mercy.

Satisfied, we went back to his house to change to our uniforms. Yes, we had afternoon classes yesterday and it was suck! Actually I didn't feel comfortable since we were grubby and clammy, and we didn't bath. I'm quite I-know-you-don't-know about this thing. I mean, I'm okay with being dirty, but after that, I'll wash myself thoroughly and make sure I am head over heels clean. Yeah, I'm this kind of person – not cool you know, but it's hard to change a habit. Back to the story, we went to have lunch together at New Island, but DJ couldn't join us since her brother has come to fetch her. We need to rush in order to arrive at school on time, and off we went after the lunch. What a great time I should say.

Nah, about the title, actually it was a mistake done by Billy. He bought the birthday cake and had it written, Happy Birthday Vero's future wife AA. He texted me a night before and I was just like, Gosh! Why did you write that? She'll be angry. I took no heed of the "wife" part until he mentioned about it. The next morning he told me that he has wiped it out, so it became, Vero's future AA. Another disaster happened again as we forgot that the cake could melt. Finally it turned out to be Vero's AA.


24 April 2011


I walked in an indistinct way for 3 years–I had a dream, but no direction or way to make it comes true. I played around because I didn't know what to do. I also kept dreaming without knowing or realising that I was dilly-dallying my very precious and limited time. Sometimes I feel as if I should just burry my dream, but sometimes I think I could make it. It was not until recently have I set my mind on achieving my long-awaited dream. 3 years ago, I might call it a dream, but now I'd rather call it an ambition, my dearest ambition.


Grow Up

Seriously, I have to stop playing around.



f(x) released their first official full album on 20th April 2011. To promote their album which was entitled Pinocchio, they released the member’s photos (Krystal, Amber, Sulli, Victoria, Luna respectively) and a video teaser beforehand. The album itself consists of 10 songs which are listed below.
1. Pinocchio (danger)
2. Round (sweet witches)
3. Dangerous
4. Beautiful Goodbye
5. Gangsta Boy
6. Child (love)
7. Stand up!
8. My Style
9. So Into You
10. Lollipop (feat. SHINee)

You can watch Pinocchio (Danger) video with subtitle here :


20 April 2011

Headache Attack

I got a flu around 2 weeks ago, and I thought it'll be another flu which will subside after some days, but then I ended up suffering a dreadful headache. Yesterday I had to go to school for some, you could call, afternoon class, which turned out to be more interesting than usual. I was indisposed ever since I was at home, and it got worse during my way to school. Arrived at school with a slight fever, I could barely understand what the teacher was saying.
Last night, I took some medicine, and to my astonishment, the making-me-crazy headache vanished not long after it. I slept in peace at 10, but I woke up at 2.30, feeling as though the world was turning upside down. Stomachache added my suffering as I could eat nothing that night. Starving, I couldn't sleep afterwards. To kill the time, I continued reading Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone until 8, and then I fell fast asleep until 11. Everything just went wrong when I was sick. I messed up. I wasn't in a good shape to do anything, but creating some flash document. I sounded like a freak, or maybe I am. Anyway people, you should take care of yourselves, don't get sick! It's not nice whatsoever.


17 April 2011

Defying Gravity

Really love this song. Both Rachel and Kurt have very terrific voices. I am crazy over this Glee-things now. Oh~! Should I write about them?

Defying Gravity
Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes, and leap!
It's time to try defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I am defying gravity
And you wont bring me down!
I'm through accepting limits
'cause someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know!
Too long I've been afraid of
Losing love I guess I've lost
Well, if that's love
It comes at much too high a cost!
I'd sooner buy defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I'm defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
And you wont bring me down!
I'd sooner buy defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I'm defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
And you won't bring me down!
bring me down!
ohh ohhh ohhhh!

I'm trying to close this chapter, but you keep coming back, and make me stuck in the same page that has your names on it.



Are you fat? Or, are you feeling fat? Well, I used to be fat myself, and I've lost weight, but I'm still feeling fat. Most of my friends said that I'm not fat, but still, I feel fat. Now, what do you think is wrong with me? Yes. Confidence is the right answer.
Many people, especially girls, are really afraid of being fat, that most of them go on a diet. That's not a bad choice though, yet most of people who go on a diet tend to pay more attention to other's perspective instead of their own bodies. I mean, they diet only to please other's eyes, not to have healthier bodies. They even damage their bodies by refusing to eat so that they'll lose weight faster, which isn't wholesome of course. If someone manages to get thinner by doing this, he/she will look somehow unhealthy and not fresh, since he/she is lack of nutrients.
So, for those who are going on a diet, I suggest you not to shun food, instead you only have to control your appetite and don't forget to do sport. And I've read a diet book mentioning chewing-gum could help you from eating too much. Like when you want to eat something, but you're not hungry, you could just simply chew a chewing-gum.
Meanwhile I think being fat, not obese, is better than having a pale zombie look. Seriously, if someone judges you from the size of your body, believe me, he/she is no better than you. But you still need to take care of your body by paying more heed to what you're eating.


09 April 2011

The Bakpao

Today was such a fun day. Me, Beatrice, DJ and Elvira spent so much time together, we kept talking, laughing and we didn't forget to take some photos. We have been friends for more or less 4 years, and although me and DJ have moved to another school, we manage to maintain our friendship. Elvira the Bakpao fetched me and DJ at our school and dropped us at Beat's house. There, we talked until 6, drove DJ to her house and went straight to El's house, where I'll spend my night at. Tomorrow, 4 of us, plus Cindy and KJ will jog round Cemara Asri, and it means me and El have to sleep earlier tonight. However, we've just got back from Palladium with 5 new DVDs, also she had plenty of horror movies to watch with me. We'd better get started before it's too late. So that's it for today, wait for my next post, will you?

Did you notice something weird in my previous post? I mean, the bizarre empty spaces that you might think it was an error or something. Actually I typed something there, something personal, and I think I'll slip more hidden messages in the future. To read it, you should pour blue ink on it. Got what I mean?

I hate the way she looked at you. I hate the way she talked to you. I hate the way she touched you. I hate every seconds she spent with you. But I don't hate her, I'm just jealous of her.


04 April 2011


Tell me you feel the same
Because I'm for real
Are you for real?
I can't help myself
It's the way I feel
... Avril Lavigne, 4 Real

I’m not sure you know
That the reason I love you is you
Being you
Just you
... Avril Lavigne, I Love You

We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were
... Avril Lavigne, When You're Gone

I found a place so safe, not a single tear
The first time in my life and now it's so clear
Feel calm, I belong, I'm so happy here
It's so strong and now I let myself be sincere
... Avril Lavigne, Innocence

If you love me, if you hate me,
You can't save me, baby, baby
All my life I've been good but now,
whoa 'What the hell'
... Avril Lavigne, What The Hell

Whoever you are, if you think he's you, then he's not you.
It takes all my courage to confess. And I really hate to admit this, but I love you. I just really do, I think. Everytime I meet you, my heart beats so fast that I can't think clearly. I'm afraid I might love you when I don't want to be in love yet. That's gross! But this stupid feeling calls love has taken me over, it even makes me dull now. I let it grow because I think it'll die as usual since I could hardly love someone. But this time it flourishes and I just can't handle it no more.
I wonder why boys are insensitive.


02 April 2011

Ivana Yau

Another personal post is up. Ready to read? I've thought to write about this long ago, but thank to my procrastinating habit, it's just done by now.
I want to introduce myself formally with this post. I am Ivana Yau, maybe most of you've known about this, I was born in 1994 and currently resides in Medan, North Sumatera. I am attending Sutomo 1 High School now, in which I meet a lot of brilliant students and amazing friends.
I'm simple, but sometimes I can be complicated, that's why I'd rather define myself as fuckin complicated. I change a lot, I'm unpredictable, moody and bad-tempered. I have not-big-no-lids eyes, not-so-sharp nose, not-tempting lip and not-very-white skin. I'm full of flaw, hell yeah, but that's okay as long as I have things call happiness and gratitude in my heart.
Although I want to be thinner so badly, chocolate is something I can't ever resist. I'm more or less 1.6m in height and 49kg in weight, people say I'm short, even some says I'm fat. I'm someone who appreciate a hand-made thing more than anything else. I love surprise, and pay a lot of attention to detail.
I take pride in writing and designing, not because I'm better than anyone else, but because I have the passion. I read and watch in my leisure, I also enjoy music; Western, Korean, Japanese, bring them all! I love making friends, however I'm never good at it. I wish to be a better person each morning I wake up. In the future, I wish I could say in pride "Yes, I'm the Ivana Yau."

go die you, stevent wongso!

01 April 2011

April's Voices

Happy April Fools people. Having fun today? How many prank have you played or got today? I didn't get or play any, but today was surely a fun day.
Planned to go to karaoke since last week, we finally went there today. The idea just popped out all of a sudden from someone, more likely was from me, during the last lesson of today. Then me and Billy asked Vero whether she can go or not. When she has already agreed, Melisa and Ody decided to join us. We texted Stevent, Jeanne and DJ afterwards, since they didn't attend the same class with us. All of them say no, except for Stevent, he is a freak when it comes to singing things, find him here: http://steventwongso.blogspot.com/
I was worried at first, in as much as I never sing before, that I wanted to cancel it. Thanks God I didn't do that. AA joined us at lunchtime and agreed to go with us, Vero must be delighted. We went to M-box, the nearest karaoke place, and chose Indiana Jones room, but then we changed to Narnia's.
It was awkward for the first time, but Billy and Stevent managed to be the first to sing, then Vero, AA and Ody started afterwards. It was only Me and Mellisa who were sitting around and watching them singing. They were begging to hear our magnificent voices, but I firmly said no, LOL!
After some songs, Ody and Mellisa had to go home, so that left only 5 of us. It was the time when I became crazy. When Stevent and Billy sang Dynamite, I started to take my shoes off and bounce, no, jump on the couch. The rest of them soon followed me except Vero who was busy recording us. Then we jumped, danced, and screamed like crazy on the sofa.
My first song was Nothing's Gonna Change My Love and I sang it with Vero. Then You Belong With Me, Lucky, When You're Gone and I Heart You with Billy, and a bit of Last Farewell with AA before they pressed the skip button.
Our karaoke time was ended by Billy and his INNOCENCE. The most memorable duet according to me were Vero and AA who sang a Mandarin song, Stevent and AA who got the highest score, plus Stevent and Billy who sang Dynamite. I was utterly weary, not for singing, but for the jumping part. However I was happy, and that's the sole thing I'll remember.