31 December 2010

Hey! Say! JUMP

Do you know Hey! Say! JUMP ? It's a boy group from Japan, which members' average age is 18. This group was formed since 2007 with total 10 members. I used to be a fan of them, actually I still do until now. They were named Hey! Say! JUMP because they were born in heisei era (1989-present), and JUMP stands for Jhonny Ultra Music Power. Yes, they are from Jhonny Entertaiment, the biggest talent agency in Japan. HSJ was divided into 2 subgroup, Hey!Say!BEST (consists of 5 oldest members) and Hey!Say!7 (consists of 5 youngest member)

Hey! Say! Best :

Yabu Kota (薮宏太) (31 Januari 1990)

Takaki Yuya (高木雄也) (26 Maret 1990)

Inoo Kei (伊野尾慧)(22 Juni 1990)

Yaotome Hikaru (八乙女光) (2 Desember 1990)

Arioka Daiki (有岡大貴) (15 April 1991)
Hey! Say! 7 :

Okamoto Keito (岡本圭人) (1 April 1993)

Yamada Ryosuke (山田涼介) (9 Mei 1993)

Nakajima Yuto (中島裕翔) (10 Agustus 1993)

Chinen Yuri (知念侑李) (30 November 1993)

Morimoto Ryutaro (森本龍太郎) (6 April 1995)

Singles :
*Ultra Music Power
*Dreams Come True
*Your Seed
*Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
*Hitomi no Screen


29 December 2010

Bread, Love and Dreams

I'm watching this k-drama now, and so far so good. The title is Bread, Love and Dreams, or Baker King. One of my favorite part is when Goo Ma Jun met Shin Yu Kyung in episode 8. The soundtrack is good, it really matches the scene. If I'm not mistaken, the title of the song is Love You To Death. Gahh. Don't feel like typing now, so just enjoy my picture spam. Going to finish this drama soon. Kekeke. :D

Tak Goo & Mi Sun

Ma Jun & Yu Kyung
  Cast :

Name: 윤시윤 / Yoon Shi Yoon
Birthdate: 26 September 1986
Height: 178cm

as Kim Tak Goo
Name: 주원 / Joo Won
Date of birth: 30 September 1987
Height: 185cm
Weight: 68kg

as Goo Ma Jun

Ohmyy, he is hot, isn't he ? <3
Name: 이영아 / Lee Young Ah
Birthdate: 23 October 1984
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg

as Yang Mi Sun
Stage name: Eugene
Real name: 김유진 / Kim Yoo Jin
Birthdate: 3 March 1981
Height: 160cm
Weight: 47kg

as Shin Yu Kyung
Name: 오재무 / Oh Jae Moo
Birthdate: 1998

as Kim Tak Goo (child version)
Name: 신동우 / Shin Dong Woo
Birthdate: 25 November 1998

as Goo Ma Jun (child version)


26 December 2010

Fishy Christmas

It's a bit late to say this, but, MERRY CHRISTMAS people. Did you celebrate Christmas ? Well, I didn't. But I've had a great day yesterday. My ex-teacher invited me and my friends to her father's fish-farm. It wasn't my first visit though. We did a lot of great stuff, such as rowed boats, roasted fish and many more. We ate a lot too, piquant crab, rujak, and roasted fish.

my ex-teacher

It was exhausting indeed. And I got a lot of mud on my cloth, limb, and hair. The sun also tanned my skin, it turned red and itchy. Besides, my hand was raw due to the rowing thing. I love nature, but on the other hand, I hate being dirty.

The first thing I did when I reached home was taking a bath. After that, I was too weary to do other things, so I decided to sleep. It drained all my energy, but it was worth the fun.


23 December 2010

Tron : Legacy

Where should I start ? I always find it hard to start a new entry after all. Err, okay, I'll start with, yesterday was the last day of final exam. I felt happy of course, a bit sad and upset at the same time. Let's forget the sad part, shall we ?
Nah, yesterday we went to Sun Plaza to watch Tron: Legacy in 3D. You know that movie ? It is a very good movie indeed. But only VERY GOOD, not kind of movie that'll nail to your mind for so long. When I watched it, I hardly blinked. They almost fight all the time, so there won't be a time for you to get bored. Everything is cool, even the soundtracks are good.

The effect isn't that impressive, though. And Tron wasn't the main character, he didn't play big part too, despite the title is Tron: Legacy. The main character, he is Sam Flynn. His father disappeared long time ago, leaving him a big software company for inheritance. But he was not happy at all, of course, he wondered why his father is missing. 20 years later, he entered The Grid, an utopia his father has created and trapped in. Then he found out that his father was betrayed by Clu, a software that he created to help him. He thought Clu was his father at first, as their faces were alike. Clu almost arrested him, but a girl called Quorra, saved his dear life. Then she brought him to his father. Mystery solved, yet they should find a way out. Nah, this is what the movie is all about. You should watch to know the rest. One more, bad guys in black-orange, good guys in black-blue.

We took some pictures when we were having lunch at Golden Rice. I ruined most photos, as I can't stop giggling and smirking. I am not good in front of camera, you know.

Anyway, Happy Birthday our dearest DJ!!