01 April 2011

April's Voices

Happy April Fools people. Having fun today? How many prank have you played or got today? I didn't get or play any, but today was surely a fun day.
Planned to go to karaoke since last week, we finally went there today. The idea just popped out all of a sudden from someone, more likely was from me, during the last lesson of today. Then me and Billy asked Vero whether she can go or not. When she has already agreed, Melisa and Ody decided to join us. We texted Stevent, Jeanne and DJ afterwards, since they didn't attend the same class with us. All of them say no, except for Stevent, he is a freak when it comes to singing things, find him here: http://steventwongso.blogspot.com/
I was worried at first, in as much as I never sing before, that I wanted to cancel it. Thanks God I didn't do that. AA joined us at lunchtime and agreed to go with us, Vero must be delighted. We went to M-box, the nearest karaoke place, and chose Indiana Jones room, but then we changed to Narnia's.
It was awkward for the first time, but Billy and Stevent managed to be the first to sing, then Vero, AA and Ody started afterwards. It was only Me and Mellisa who were sitting around and watching them singing. They were begging to hear our magnificent voices, but I firmly said no, LOL!
After some songs, Ody and Mellisa had to go home, so that left only 5 of us. It was the time when I became crazy. When Stevent and Billy sang Dynamite, I started to take my shoes off and bounce, no, jump on the couch. The rest of them soon followed me except Vero who was busy recording us. Then we jumped, danced, and screamed like crazy on the sofa.
My first song was Nothing's Gonna Change My Love and I sang it with Vero. Then You Belong With Me, Lucky, When You're Gone and I Heart You with Billy, and a bit of Last Farewell with AA before they pressed the skip button.
Our karaoke time was ended by Billy and his INNOCENCE. The most memorable duet according to me were Vero and AA who sang a Mandarin song, Stevent and AA who got the highest score, plus Stevent and Billy who sang Dynamite. I was utterly weary, not for singing, but for the jumping part. However I was happy, and that's the sole thing I'll remember.


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