09 April 2011

The Bakpao

Today was such a fun day. Me, Beatrice, DJ and Elvira spent so much time together, we kept talking, laughing and we didn't forget to take some photos. We have been friends for more or less 4 years, and although me and DJ have moved to another school, we manage to maintain our friendship. Elvira the Bakpao fetched me and DJ at our school and dropped us at Beat's house. There, we talked until 6, drove DJ to her house and went straight to El's house, where I'll spend my night at. Tomorrow, 4 of us, plus Cindy and KJ will jog round Cemara Asri, and it means me and El have to sleep earlier tonight. However, we've just got back from Palladium with 5 new DVDs, also she had plenty of horror movies to watch with me. We'd better get started before it's too late. So that's it for today, wait for my next post, will you?

Did you notice something weird in my previous post? I mean, the bizarre empty spaces that you might think it was an error or something. Actually I typed something there, something personal, and I think I'll slip more hidden messages in the future. To read it, you should pour blue ink on it. Got what I mean?

I hate the way she looked at you. I hate the way she talked to you. I hate the way she touched you. I hate every seconds she spent with you. But I don't hate her, I'm just jealous of her.


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