07 June 2011


Officially back to spam, ahem, post posts. LOL.
Don't mind my sense of humor.
It's that level.

Oh, hell! I miss my blog so badly. It took all my willpower not to open my blog and write something, anything, for one month. Nah. Why in the world did I do that? Because I'm having my final test. Yeah, good reason, eh? So, after one month, I think I'm kind of losing some feeling or intuition for writing. I wish I could get back to my senses soon.
Anyway, talking about my final test, it's just a so-so. I don't know whether I should be satisfied or not. Let me quote this for us, "Man proposes, God disposes". I believe I've done everything I had to, except for Biology, I knew that was my mistake, I was too cocky I fell down so hard in the end. And everything I can do now is to let God works and decides what is best for me.
As a matter of fact, my holiday started last Wednesday, but I've just got the feeling of holiday today. Why? Because 2 days after our last day, me and my classmates went to Brastagi together. That was a very nice and super fun 3 days 2 nights trip. Unfortunately, after that trip, I was pretty sick. I got a flu and my calves hurt like hell. So it is today that I could really feel myself and finally post something after a month. I think that's all for now. I'll keep posting, and you'll keep reading. That's the deal. Bye!


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