30 June 2011


Going to watch this tomorrow. Wish it was still on the theater and we got the ticket. Is this movie that good? People keep talking about it, I'm so curious!



This really shows how boring I am right now. Have just taken some online personality test, and it measures our sins. I have no idea. This is my result, you can take the test too if you happen to have so much time to waste.



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27 June 2011

The Snow Queen

I look like a pig now. I sleep at 3-4 AM everyday and wake up at 11-12 AM. I wish I didn't gain any weight during this holiday time. Anyway, yesterday my aunt gave us her DVDs collection. When I heard about this, I thought it would be around 50-100 DVDs, but then it turned out to be 2 colossal bags full of DVDs. I assess there were more than 800 DVDs inside. It even took both me and my sister to carry one bag upstairs. Inside, there were so many old Taiwan, HK and Korean dramas, some were even older than me. But there were some new K-dramas, Western movies and even new Korean MVs too. So, I sought for some inviting dramas or movies, and I ended up watching The Snow Queen now. I chose this drama purely because Hyun Bin played the main role, he became one of my favorite actors after I watched Secret Garden.

This is a 2006 drama in which Hyun Bin played as Han Tae Woong, a genius student who befriended another arrogant genius, Kim Joeng Kyu (Lee Sun Ho). Both of them joined an international math olympiad, but after Tae Woong outdid Joeng Kyu and became the winner, JK committed suicide. It led TW into a deep sorrow which caused him to leave his school and become a boxer.

Before this incident took place, TW inadvertently met a very cheek and bossy little girl whom later involved in a complicated love story with him. The girl felt depressed and lonely due to her mother's death and ran away from her house, aiming to go to Lapland, where The Snow Queen lived. TW then took her to an amusement park, cheered her up and asked her to go home. They separated even before TW knew her name, and accidentally met again after 8 years.

During episode 8 or 9, it was revealed that the girl was JK's younger sister. It was even more heartbroken for TW because that girl, whom he began to love, Bo Ra (Seong Yoo Ri), confessed that she loved him without knowing TW's real identity. He felt dejected and culpable for JK's death, thus he lied and asked her to stay away from him. In the end of this drama, Bo Ra who has suffered Myasthenia Gravis since she was a little girl, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her condition worsened and she asked TW to bring her to Lapland, but she died and TW decided to fulfil her last request and go to Lapland.

Most of old korean dramas had very sad storylines and we can't talk about tearjerking K-drama without mentioning Endless Love series, such as Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz and Summer Scent. There are also Stairways to Heaven, I'm Sorry I Love You and Glass Shoes. Basically saddest dramas were ended by the death of one or both lead characters, whether it was due to sickness or accident. It was also the same with this drama, The Snow Queen, in which the girl died due to illness.
I've just reached episode 10, but I knew intuitively that this will be a sad story and the girl will die eventually. That's why I searched for the spoiler. I don't know exactly why I decided to write about this. But there's one thing I know, a light and funny romance is more preferable for me and pan-juvenile.


21 June 2011


Oh my goodness! So happy. Have just known my final result. It's not very, very splendid like my friends', but I'm still happy. I am the 22th from 48 students in my class and the 50th from more than 500 senior high students in my school. This is the first time I reach top 50, and I am just too happy to believe it!


16 June 2011

10 Things About Me

I was tagged by Tiffany Liu

The Rules:
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10 Things About Me:
♪ Western, Korean, Japanese songs
♪ moody
♪ appear to be reserved but the fact is I'm noisy
♪ people say I look so conceited at first
♪ sometimes can be so indifferent
♪ prefer to write than to talk (to express feeling)
♪ collect lots, LOTS of DVDs
♪ love handmade things
♪ dream to be a hotelier, or doctor, maybe?

I'm going to tag these bloggers:
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Just for fun!


Hello Hello

FT Island new MV, Hello Hello from album Return. Their song is fascinating, as always.


Feels So Good

Trying to kill time by sharing top 10 most played songs in my iPod. Some new songs, some old songs. But they all feel so good. Enjoy!

Feels So Good, Armin van Buuren ft. Nadia Ali

Rolling In The Deep, Adele

Blow, Kesha

Hold It Against Me (cover), Sam Tsui

What Are Words, Chris Medina

I Just Wanna Run, The Downtown Fiction

If I  Die Young, The Band Perry

A Year Without Rain, Selena Gomez and The Scene

Don't Hold Your Breath, Nicole Scherzinger

Love Song, Sara Bareilles


13 June 2011



Lip Service

I hate it when people only pay lip-service to me or something I own or make-I hate insincere praise. I don't know whether this is me who could hardly believe in people or it's true that most people tend to pay lip-service. Sometimes, you know, it's important to praise people, maybe to boost up one's confidence or encourage someone, but it's better if you speak the truth, say whether you like it or not, and give your advice so that someone could amend his/her flaw.
I rarely praise someone, and when I do, I do it sincerely. If I like it, I'll just say I like it, fair and square, with no additional flattery. But if I don't like it, here lies the problem, I tend to say it point-blank and sometimes it hurts people, I know, but I never mean to. This is what I'm working on; learn to choose my words carefully so nobody will be hurt. Ahh. I'm just so random, aren't I?


11 June 2011

Cute Cakes

We spent our day to make some cupcakes today. Me, DJ, Cindy and her sister went to buy the ingredients first. It took almost half an hour to get all of them. After that we went back to Cindy's house and to our astonishment, Beatrice has been waiting for us there. Not wanting to waste our time, we started to make it according to the recipe Vero gave me. I was diffident initially since it was the first time for all of us, and we only depended on the recipe, but then it turned out pretty good. Honestly, it wasn't very luscious since I think it wasn't sweet enough, but it really was a good outcome.





what I brought home in the end

specially decorated ♥

After steaming all the cupcakes we went to Pizza Hut to have our lunch. Not just having lunch, we also sat there for almost 2 and a half hours to gossip. It was a fun thing to do, both having lunch together and gossiping. So the conclusion of today is that I was so happy to spend a quality time together for we rarely met each other due to our different schools, and the cupcakes were pretty. ;)


07 June 2011


Officially back to spam, ahem, post posts. LOL.
Don't mind my sense of humor.
It's that level.

Oh, hell! I miss my blog so badly. It took all my willpower not to open my blog and write something, anything, for one month. Nah. Why in the world did I do that? Because I'm having my final test. Yeah, good reason, eh? So, after one month, I think I'm kind of losing some feeling or intuition for writing. I wish I could get back to my senses soon.
Anyway, talking about my final test, it's just a so-so. I don't know whether I should be satisfied or not. Let me quote this for us, "Man proposes, God disposes". I believe I've done everything I had to, except for Biology, I knew that was my mistake, I was too cocky I fell down so hard in the end. And everything I can do now is to let God works and decides what is best for me.
As a matter of fact, my holiday started last Wednesday, but I've just got the feeling of holiday today. Why? Because 2 days after our last day, me and my classmates went to Brastagi together. That was a very nice and super fun 3 days 2 nights trip. Unfortunately, after that trip, I was pretty sick. I got a flu and my calves hurt like hell. So it is today that I could really feel myself and finally post something after a month. I think that's all for now. I'll keep posting, and you'll keep reading. That's the deal. Bye!


27 April 2011

Vero's AA

AA is one of billions people who had birthday yesterday. But what made his birthday special is that we went to his house to take him by surprise. This idea came from Vero, who baked him some luscious birthday cupcakes. So, in a very fine morning yesterday, we; DJ, Billy, Ody, Devris, Stvnt, Surya and me, went to kompleks cemara asri where he resides. Since we had to wait for Vero and Witty's arrival, we decided to have our breakfast first at mie pangsit awai. Then we went there separately; the girls by Vero's car, the boys by Devris' car and Stvnt by Surya's motorbike.

When we arrived there, we quickly prepared the cake we bought and the cupcakes Vero made. It was quite a mess actually since AA had time to prepare himself while we were trying impetuously to light up around 15 candles in front of his house and of course there were a lot of noise and shriek. When we have finally entered his house, we screamed at him to go downstairs. I think he was quite suprised and impressed since he had no idea about finding his friends in the morning of his birthday, at his house, each holding a cupcake with a candle on it. We asked him to blow all the magic candles which will light up again no matter how hard he blow it. He went hither and thither to blow all candles, and we sang him a birthday song afterwards.

I believe we made such a noise his mother went down to join us, and to my astonishment, his mother looked young and beautiful. Then we had the cutting cake session; his mother got the first cake and Vero got the second cake. After having a nice talk, we kindly giving AA a total makeover. We put a lot of cream to his eyebrow, cheek and nose, we also broke some eggs on his head and covered him with flour. Then we had him bathed in a dry gutter in front of his house. We hosed him down and soaked everything. It was so much fun, I swear. But, if I were him, I would cry myself out since we were all so wild and showed no mercy.

Satisfied, we went back to his house to change to our uniforms. Yes, we had afternoon classes yesterday and it was suck! Actually I didn't feel comfortable since we were grubby and clammy, and we didn't bath. I'm quite I-know-you-don't-know about this thing. I mean, I'm okay with being dirty, but after that, I'll wash myself thoroughly and make sure I am head over heels clean. Yeah, I'm this kind of person – not cool you know, but it's hard to change a habit. Back to the story, we went to have lunch together at New Island, but DJ couldn't join us since her brother has come to fetch her. We need to rush in order to arrive at school on time, and off we went after the lunch. What a great time I should say.

Nah, about the title, actually it was a mistake done by Billy. He bought the birthday cake and had it written, Happy Birthday Vero's future wife AA. He texted me a night before and I was just like, Gosh! Why did you write that? She'll be angry. I took no heed of the "wife" part until he mentioned about it. The next morning he told me that he has wiped it out, so it became, Vero's future AA. Another disaster happened again as we forgot that the cake could melt. Finally it turned out to be Vero's AA.


24 April 2011


I walked in an indistinct way for 3 years–I had a dream, but no direction or way to make it comes true. I played around because I didn't know what to do. I also kept dreaming without knowing or realising that I was dilly-dallying my very precious and limited time. Sometimes I feel as if I should just burry my dream, but sometimes I think I could make it. It was not until recently have I set my mind on achieving my long-awaited dream. 3 years ago, I might call it a dream, but now I'd rather call it an ambition, my dearest ambition.


Grow Up

Seriously, I have to stop playing around.



f(x) released their first official full album on 20th April 2011. To promote their album which was entitled Pinocchio, they released the member’s photos (Krystal, Amber, Sulli, Victoria, Luna respectively) and a video teaser beforehand. The album itself consists of 10 songs which are listed below.
1. Pinocchio (danger)
2. Round (sweet witches)
3. Dangerous
4. Beautiful Goodbye
5. Gangsta Boy
6. Child (love)
7. Stand up!
8. My Style
9. So Into You
10. Lollipop (feat. SHINee)

You can watch Pinocchio (Danger) video with subtitle here :