17 April 2011


Are you fat? Or, are you feeling fat? Well, I used to be fat myself, and I've lost weight, but I'm still feeling fat. Most of my friends said that I'm not fat, but still, I feel fat. Now, what do you think is wrong with me? Yes. Confidence is the right answer.
Many people, especially girls, are really afraid of being fat, that most of them go on a diet. That's not a bad choice though, yet most of people who go on a diet tend to pay more attention to other's perspective instead of their own bodies. I mean, they diet only to please other's eyes, not to have healthier bodies. They even damage their bodies by refusing to eat so that they'll lose weight faster, which isn't wholesome of course. If someone manages to get thinner by doing this, he/she will look somehow unhealthy and not fresh, since he/she is lack of nutrients.
So, for those who are going on a diet, I suggest you not to shun food, instead you only have to control your appetite and don't forget to do sport. And I've read a diet book mentioning chewing-gum could help you from eating too much. Like when you want to eat something, but you're not hungry, you could just simply chew a chewing-gum.
Meanwhile I think being fat, not obese, is better than having a pale zombie look. Seriously, if someone judges you from the size of your body, believe me, he/she is no better than you. But you still need to take care of your body by paying more heed to what you're eating.


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