22 February 2011


Onew's is unique
Jonghyun's is powerful
Key's is high-pitched
Minho's is husky
Taemin's is deep

You know what I mean?


First Kiss

My iPod randomly played this song yesterday. First kiss from FT Island is indeed a sweet song. The melody, lyric and meaning are all sweet. It is a song about someone who is curious about how first kiss feel. This is a song from their album, Cheerful Sensibility, which was published in 2008. Actually I planned to write only some lines that catch me the most, but since they are all do, I'll just post the complete translation for you, who are wondering about this as well. ♥


Will it be as exciting as it in movies?
The first time our lips touch
I think we're going to meet tomorrow
Why is my heart already beating so fast?
And feeling like it'll explode

Will it be like cotton candy, I wonder,
I imagine it through closed eyes
Is she imagining the same thing as well?
Right now?

I think it'll be sweet like candy
Somehow I think I'll even smell acacia
I worry that I'll get addicted to that smell
But the thing that worries me the most,
no one would believe but
I've never kissed anyone before

Should I turn my head like in the movies?
How will I breath after our lips touch?
I worry about that too
When should I close my eyes, what about my nose?
Exactly how long should it go on, I really don't know

If it's sweet like candy
I'm going to stay like that for a long time
Even if I get high of her lips
I'll stay up the whole night
Should I confess to her first since she might not like me being unexperienced?
To tell you the truth this the first time I'll kiss someone

A long time after I stayed up all night worrying about that
We finally brought our lips together in the deep night
More sugary than a lemon
I really couldn't move a bit
I froze as I got high of the happiness
Why am I so thankful and relieved for being unexperienced, girl
I'll promise, forever I'll kiss only you
I'll only kiss you


18 February 2011


I know you so well. Girl, I need you. Girl, I heart you.
Now, if you are an Indonesian, you should've known what I mean. What was written above is a piece of SM*SH's newest and only song, I Heart You. SM*SH, a new Indonesian boygroup, consists of 7 members; Morgan, Rafael, Dicky, Bisma, Ilham, Reza, and Rangga. Abbreviated to Seven Man As Seven Heroes, SM*SH was considered as a copycat of korean boygroup. Many k-popers dislike them due to this reason. But I think we, especially Indonesians, should support their talents. How can outside people support them while the inside one keep mocking them? Go get a life, as I used to say. They have made their way this far, so just let it be, or support them instead of making fun of them.
Anyway, I write about this after watching their new drama, Cinta Cenat Cenut. Don't try these words at google translator; you won't find the meaning. Nah, this #CintaCenatCenut became trending topic at twitter not long after the drama was played. And I'm a bit suprised to see that their drama was zealously welcomed. Wow, I think, they've gone this far. This drama is a bit like BBF or Meteor Garden or that kind of dramas, which follows the life of popular and rich and handsome prig and a rebellious pauper. I call this a C- drama, yet as this is their first drama, then i know you know lah!

Actually, I think this group was influenced by the very-popular-nowadays korean wave, and it isn't a copycat. But yes, their qualities are way too far from korean boygroup's. When I watched their MV for the first time, I thought they copied BEAST's style.

 Morgan, the pretty boy of this group

p.s. I don't know why Rafael wasn't included in those photos.


17 February 2011

The Luxe

Nah! I'm so busy right now. But still, I can't refrain from writing and keeping my blog updated. So, I think I'm going to write about the book I'm reading now.

The Luxe from Anna Godbersen tells the story about Elisabeth Holland and her sister, Diana Holland. It took place at Manhattan in 1899 when Elisabeth's father, a very rich and well-known nobleman, died and left nothing but debt for them. Thwarting her family from falling in poverty, her mother decided to marry her to a very handsome and rich playboy, Henry Schoonmaker.
Nobody seemed to be conscious of her affair with her coachman, Will Keller, until the night when her maid and ex-bestfriend, Lina, caught sight of her as she was lurking to Will's room. Lina and Will were Liz's playmates, yet as Liz grown up, she began to know her position and role as a socialite, hence she gave her playmates a wide berth. Later, she began to perceive her love to Will.
Not long after wooing her sister, Henry met and kissed Diana, a wild lady who seeked for freedom and true love. They began their secret relationship afterwards. It was a fun game for both Diana and Henry, who were fed up with their boring noble life.
Penelope, Henry's ex and Liz's bestfriend, filled in the bad guy lady role. She was new to this upper class as her family has just began to gain their wealth from her grandfather's trade. The beautiful yet cocky lady pretended to be Liz's friend because she believed that a best friend could be one's strongest enemy.
The Luxe, followed by Rumors, Envy and Splendor, was a novel of The Luxe series. This series focused on Holland sisters' complicated love story. One thing that lured me to buy this novel was the cover, which has an elegant and gorgeous lady's picture on it. I'm planning to buy the second book after finishing the first book. But the reason of buying the novel has changed, as I think these novels are worth reading.

To my mind, this girl might be :
Elizabeth Holland 

Penelope Hayes

Diana Holland

Lina Broud

p.s. Lina will played big part in the next book.


14 February 2011


Happiness is infectious.
Not only on Valentine's Day but also the day before and after it.



There were 2 martyrs honored on February 14, Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni. None of their stories were romantic, i mean, the stories had nothing to do with love whatsoever! Yet there was a romantic version of this story.
Saint Valentine was a Christian, hence he was sentenced to death. He was jailed beforehand, and there was a rumor that he performed miracle by healing a blind daughter of his jailer. But there was also another version expounding that Saint Valentine was imprisoned for secretly performing marriage ceremonies for soldiers. Roman Emperor Claudius II believed that single men were the best soldiers and banned his soldiers' marriages. He arrested Saint Valentine when he knew about the secret marriages.
On the evening before his execution, Saint Valentine wrote the first Valentine card himself, and it was intended to the blind girls he healed. At the end of his note, he wrote "From your Valentine".
Sweet, isn't it? Nah, that was the long-long-ago story of Valentine. Back to the present time, Happy Valentine people! How many chocolate have you got today? I've received some chocolate and biscuits today. Their chocolate is so yummy and well-packed.

cookies from Cindy

I also made some chocolate yesterday. Me, Vero, and Beatrice went to Cindy's house to make the chocolate. I was the first to arrived there. Then Vero came afterwards; she was late due to the tug-of-war she joined for P2S1.
We started to melt and mould some of it. Then we had lunch together when Beatrice arrived. After that, melt, mould and pack was what we did until 5pm. We also put nut, jelly bean, biscuit and candy in it. Ahh, it was exhausting you know. But it was paid off when I saw my friends' happy faces.

The rose is red, the violet's blue
The honey's sweet, and so are you
Thou are my love and I am thine
I drew thee to my Valentine
The lot was cast and then I drew
And Fortune said it shou'd be you

Gammer Gurton



For you to know, we are in the middle of P2S1, Pekan Prestasi Sutomo 1, which is a popular annual event of our school. It was held for more or less 2 weeks, with one main event in which some students performed their talent such as singing, dancing, playing drama and telling jokes.
Students, embodied their classes, competed to get medals in 2 weeks. Many competitions were provided; badminton, relay race, wall magazine, graphic design, programming, karaoke, sudoku, othello, scrabble, debate, news reading. In short, it was countless, more than 50 medals were provided as gifts. And class with the most medals would be regarded as a champion in the end of this event.
I join wall magazine and recycling competition this year. I hope I can contribute medals to my class that way. Wishing to gain a medal, I also tried to send my creations of P2S1 symbol and mascot. I didn't win indeed. I am lacked of skill and time. But it doesn't matter. You win, you get medal, you lose, you get experience. So nothing to lose. Nah, as for my classmates, I wish they can do their best and win. For the one who have lost, I wish they can take it easy and try again next year.
I posted my creations here. What do you think? My friends said that the mascot is weird and childish. Well, it's weird of course as I'm not good at creating something like this.


08 February 2011

Now You Know

What we did last Wednesday

Don't look at my eyes // I'm so sexy

I look cute, don't I ?


Hey! I'm taller than her!

Hey, don't touch my hand! // Shut up and smile!

Mind your feet please!

Ouch, wrong pose!

Let me play, please..

Oh okay, never mind! I'll buy an iPad using my angpao!

What are you looking at!??

Hey, these are all jokes okay? Anyway, let me introduce my little cousins. They are Winston A. Yauvira, Aurelia A. Yauvira and Vincent A. Yauvira. They are so cute, aren't they?


07 February 2011

Madame Wellington Koo

To begin with, she was a daughter of the richest man in Asia Pasific. Married with a prominent politician, no doubt she was something in her era. Her real name was Oei Hui Lan, she was born in Indonesia, Semarang precisely, at 1899. Born in a very affluent Chinese family, she was a trained lady who mastered 4 languages. Her father, Oei Tiong Ham, had more or less 18 concubines with more or less 42 children. She was the youngest daughter from his father’s first wife, Goei Bing Nio. Her elder and only sister, named Oei Tjong Lan, married twice. While she only married Wellington Koo, a widower with 2 children, which made her known as Madame Wellington Koo nowadays.
Oei Tiong Ham

Her childhood was spent in Indonesia as a princess to her loving father; she was his favorite. Her mother was closer to her sister, Tjong Lan, because her sister was more lady-like than her. They went to saloon and shopping together, while Hui Lan preferred spending her time in her private zoo. Nah, don’t be surprised yet, she was a daughter of sugar magnate, Oei Tiong Ham, remember? Anything was possible for her. She had 200 rooms, kitchens, villas, 2 big pavilions, and an artificial lake  in her home, ah, palace. Oh, anyway, have I mentioned how many servants, gardeners, and cooks she had? Don’t make me do that. She had 100+ !

Not long after her sister’s marriage, her mother decided to take her and moved out from their palace. Why? Because her father married one of her so-called cousin, Lucy Ho. Her father tried to thwart her from moving out, yet as he failed, he told her something which I remembered the most, “ must be the first instead of second”. Then they moved to London, and began their jet set lifestyle. Due to her mother’s ambition, she married Wellington Koo, a famous but not well-off Chinese diplomat. After having her not-very-happy  marriage, she began to met important people, and acknowledged her new name, Madame Wellington Koo.

Wellington Koo

Her father sent her pocket-money every month, which she spent at dresses, jewelries, cars, and houses.  She loved dogs, she had more than enough dogs to play with. She also spent her money to buy her dogs the best food. After her father’s death, she inherited $AS 15million. She decided to part with her husband after hearing some rumors about her husband’s new woman. She wrote an autobiography, No Feast Last Forever, at 1975. The title reflected her life, no, not just hers, but ours!
She was a real lady, she was rich from the very first time she was born until her very last breath. I can't tell you how splendid and extravagant her life was. Ehem. Anyway, do you know why I wrote about Oei Hui Lan? Actually, I bought Agnes Davonar’s Kisah Tragis Oei Hui Lan (true story). I didn’t buy it literally, my uncle insisted on paying this book for me. Thank you!