21 August 2012

Catching Up

Ohh crap! This looks like a dead blog already. It's been months since I last wrote something. So, life's been so wonderful; everything goes smoothly.
I've officially graduated from high school last May with, err, sufficient-but-not-satisfying result. I was quite taken aback when I first saw my report paper; it has a 42/49 written on it. As if it wasn’t enough, I’ve also got 1 insufficient mark in physics. My rank dropped drastically yet there’s nothing to be regretted about. At first I was scared to tell my parents because I played a lot during that semester, I also skipped class and tuition without them knowing.
However my struggle didn’t end there, I still had to study hard for SNMPTN, I forget what that stands for, but it’s a national test held for students who wants to pursue their studies at local universities. We can choose either 2 majors in 1 university or 1 major in 2 different universities. So we basically have two choices; I had medical science for my first choice, and dentistry for my second choice, both were to be taken at University of North Sumatera. We had the test on June, so I had more than a month to prepare myself and I decided to take a course at Ganesha Operation, an institution which specialised in preparing students for the test. And luckily enough I passed the test, so I was accepted at USU (University of North Sumatera), majoring in medical science.
My big family was delighted and I received some presents from them. My friends also congratulated me for my acceptance; most of my friends who joined this test also passed it and I congratulated them as well. Twitter was overflowed with congratulatory tweets for those who passed.
Unknowingly, I’ve written so many, many things already. But what to do, I’m just that talkactive!

15 January 2012


Maybe it's too late for me to write this, but better than not, right?

1. Be more caring. People say I'm too indifferent.
2. Discipline. Procrastination is my middle name.
3. Don't fall in love. This one is totally screwed already, tsck!
4. Study harder. Haven't decided what major to take. Time's ticking too fast.
5. Open up to others. Too introvert, find it hard to believe in others.

Can I add wishes too?
1. Japan scholarship. Pray for me!!
2. And happiness for everyone. <33


Hey, hey, heyy!!!
Happy new year 2012
Too late already for me to say this, huh? Anyway, I haven't posted anything here since July, yes? That doesn't mean I've lost my interest in writing. I do love writing, but I've got some problem with my internet connection since I don't have any modem. I should buy one this year, shouldn't I?
So, how's life so far? Well, many things happened in my life. New year, new phone, new people in my life. I feel gratified that many good things happened in my life. But let's go back to 2011 first. Nothing special happened until November. There were so many many parties to attend. From my friends' to my own birthday party. Yes, my birthday is November 16. I'm officially 17 now, I've even got my own ID card. So happy!
During December, I've got my final exam and after that, holiday!! Yeah Christmas and New Year holiday. And I had BBQ with my friends on New Year eve. We celebrated the last day of 2011 with many joys and food and fireworks. It was so much fun! We had the BBQ at Kevin's house. We helped him to clean the house first in the afternoon. I felt happy that I met many new friends there. We got closer ever since and now we've become a big family called WATSON. I've been accepted to their family on January 7. And they also decided that date to be our family's birthday. We're going to celebrate our first month on February. Hope our family would be blessed and our dreams could come true.
Miracles also happened in the last and first day of 2011 and 2012. Someone, who I've wronged, bbm-ed me and I felt happy that I got a chance to at least say sorry. And another person, who I miss so much, didn't forget my birthday. I thought he forgot my birthday since he didn't greet me, but the truth is he asked my BB pin from one of my friend. Alas! I didn't have BB that time.
Ah! I've just got my report book. And to be honest, I was so happy to know that I got rank 66 from 496 students. My rank dropped, yes, I've predicted it. But I thought that I can't be top 100 anymore! So it was a miracle I stayed there. I thank Jesus for everything I've got. I believe in Him and everything He planned for me. Wahh my very first post of the year is too long already. Then that's it for now. Bye. *hug*

30 June 2011


Going to watch this tomorrow. Wish it was still on the theater and we got the ticket. Is this movie that good? People keep talking about it, I'm so curious!



This really shows how boring I am right now. Have just taken some online personality test, and it measures our sins. I have no idea. This is my result, you can take the test too if you happen to have so much time to waste.



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