02 April 2011

Ivana Yau

Another personal post is up. Ready to read? I've thought to write about this long ago, but thank to my procrastinating habit, it's just done by now.
I want to introduce myself formally with this post. I am Ivana Yau, maybe most of you've known about this, I was born in 1994 and currently resides in Medan, North Sumatera. I am attending Sutomo 1 High School now, in which I meet a lot of brilliant students and amazing friends.
I'm simple, but sometimes I can be complicated, that's why I'd rather define myself as fuckin complicated. I change a lot, I'm unpredictable, moody and bad-tempered. I have not-big-no-lids eyes, not-so-sharp nose, not-tempting lip and not-very-white skin. I'm full of flaw, hell yeah, but that's okay as long as I have things call happiness and gratitude in my heart.
Although I want to be thinner so badly, chocolate is something I can't ever resist. I'm more or less 1.6m in height and 49kg in weight, people say I'm short, even some says I'm fat. I'm someone who appreciate a hand-made thing more than anything else. I love surprise, and pay a lot of attention to detail.
I take pride in writing and designing, not because I'm better than anyone else, but because I have the passion. I read and watch in my leisure, I also enjoy music; Western, Korean, Japanese, bring them all! I love making friends, however I'm never good at it. I wish to be a better person each morning I wake up. In the future, I wish I could say in pride "Yes, I'm the Ivana Yau."

go die you, stevent wongso!

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