01 December 2010

Wall Magazine

December, Christmas, New Year, Holiday, Final Exam.
Finally, the last month of 2010 has arrived ! Nowadays,  students are busy preparing for the final exam. While I’m busy with useless things, such as blogging, watching DVDs (currently watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal) and doing my wall-magazine project (this one is important). Duh, why cant I stop being lazy ? :(
Anyway, I join a school wall-magazine called Moshi Moshi, as it focuses on Japanese culture. I am in the Entertainment section, and my current project is Travel Places in Hokkaido. I planned to list these 4 places.
Ishiya Chocolate Factory

Otaru Canal

Kita-Kitsune Farm

Odori Park - Sapporo Snow Festival

Beautiful, huh ? I havent been in Japan before, but I really love Japan. For me, Japan is a hi-tech country, on the other hand, their traditional culture is also well-remained. I adore this country so much that I decided to learn Japanese. As a result, I can form simple sentences now, such as, 日本は美しい国です !

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