22 December 2010


Hello ? Or.. Hi ? Duh. I'm not good at greeting. Let's just go straight to my story.
It has been more than a week since my last entry. These aren't my best weeks, i should say. Guess what, I've just had the worst final exam ever. I thought the teachers hold some serious grudge against us, students. They were trying to get us killed. I'm a bit exaggerating over here, but believe me, I really mean it. They doubled tripled the difficulty. Yet, I can blame no one for my failure. It was all my fault, it was all my choice. I chose not to study, I can't resisted the temptation. Okay, that's all, I don't want to sound fragile anyway.

Day one, chemistry, BAD. I prepared myself by reading the second book of Percy Jackson a day earlier. Day two, math, GROSS. Again, I read the third book of Percy Jackson instead of studied math. I just can't stop reading, I am addicted to this Percy Jackson series. Day three, biology, NOT SATISFYING. I stop reading PJ, but I didn't study either. It was very hard for me to concentrate that I read the material randomly. Day four, physics, HORRIBLE. The rest were not good too.
Oh, this is so boring. Sorry for making you read this diary-alike entry. Next one will be better. My blog looks dead anyway. I wish you give a trace of your visit–the chat box is provided in the left bar, you know what I mean.


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