12 December 2010

Bye Anger

I was not in my best mood these days-I was overwhelmed. I tried in vain to control my mood, it controlled me instead. I am not a person who got insulted by small things like joke, teaser, et cetera. Anger gets me when I feel as if being rejected, ignored, dumped. I loathe those feelings, very much. Although in the end, I realised it was only me being too sensitive.

Sometimes I feign anger when someone teases me, it looks real, but I do it only for fun, swear! Yet when I'm really indignant, you can tell just by seeing my face. But sth bizarre happened lately. When I tried to do take-exhale deep breath randomly, it, somehow, eased off my anger. It is worth a try, people.

I've promised myself to control my mood.
I hope people around me understand, not only know, that I'm not a flawless person.


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