14 December 2010

Percy Jackson

I've just finished reading this novel, Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief, last night. I should thank Kevin for sharing the e-book. To be honest, the original story in this book is a lot better than it in the film. They allayed too many scene, and even omitted many characters. I love the battle between Percy and Ares which nobody could found in the film. The image of Lotus Casino in the film is no better than that in the book. In the film, Annabeth fought against Percy in "Capture The Flag", while they supposed to ally, as in the book. You could also found no existence of Ares, Dionysus, Nancy nor Clarisse in the film. After all, these are only my opinions. No offence.

Uh-oh. Look at the positive side. You, I mean damsel over here, will be pleased to watch the handsome lad, Logan Lerman, played Percy Jackson.

I'm going to read the second book, Percy Jackson - The Sea of Monsters. I hope it could delight me likewise.

Wish me luck for my final exam, readers !! :D


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