30 November 2010

Arrival of Hello

This morning, I was kind of suprised when my friend, Linda, said that she had sth for me. Then she gave me a white book-alike thing that I've waited for around 3 weeks. "Hello!", the first thing that came to my mind when she handed it to me. I am utterly happy as I feel like a true fan after buying their album (ignore this). Hello is a repackage album of Lucifer, while Lucifer is SHINee's second full album. The album, which contains 16 tracks, has been on the market since 4th October. It costed me IDR 215,000 (shipping cost included) to have their newest album. It worth !

leader onew

almighty key

flaming charisma minho

blling bling jonghyun

maknae taemin
Good thing happened again as I found my sister was doing her homework when I arrived at home. My sister finally went home this noon. She has stayed in the hospital for approximately a week due to DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic fever) she suffered. She looks thinner, yet healthier than the last time I saw her. What a relief.
But embarrasing thing also happened today. Me and the ulala boy were gossiping around, when all of a sudden he said that he wanted to have a good body. Then he started to mention boys with good bodies in our class. I also mention some, only for fun. For an addition, I came to a name of my friends from another class. Actually, it wasnt an embarrasing thing if the ulala boy didnt tell him !
Life turns me upside down these days. Yet I have friends who cheered me up. This is to show my gratitude for having such good friends.


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