08 December 2010

The Voyage

I wrote this on my way home from school. FYI, it takes more or less an hour from my home to school. So I decided to use my time to write.
I feel hectic these days since it left only a week before final exam. To be honest, I am a lazy lack-of-diligence student. I don't slumber in class, but I do day-dream, which results an obscure understanding in all subjects. So I need to study hard in order to have a sight of BLING-BLING marks in my report book later. Hwaiting !! (like a Korean says) :D
Anyway, I went to watch Narnia 2 days ago. On Monday, there's an early christmas celebration in Danau Toba Hotel which was set-up by my school. Me and my friends decided to attend the party, and since school finished at 3 and the party started at around 7, we went to watch Narnia first. On usual days, the ticket costs only half from it costs on weekend and holiday, so we had a cheap watching. As you know, Narnia is realesed as a 3D movie, so we need 3D glasses to feel the effects. But since I wear glasses, I felt a bit awkward to use double glasses, (the damn glasses kept on falling !). Not a good experience, I think contact lens take point in this case.

Nah, talking about the movie, 8 points out of 10 from me. Narnia : The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, shows the adventure of Lucy and Edmund, who return to Narnia and encounter Prince Caspian. They voyage aboard a ship called The Dawn Treader in order to reach the edge of the world. Their cousin, Eustace, who didn't believe in magic, miracle, and to say nothing of, Narnia, was brought along coincidentally. This is how the story begins. The rest, find out by yourselves. Oh, last but not least, this is the last sequel where you can see Lucy and Edmund.

Skandar Keynes got a new fan right after his first appearence in this sequel.


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