23 December 2010

Tron : Legacy

Where should I start ? I always find it hard to start a new entry after all. Err, okay, I'll start with, yesterday was the last day of final exam. I felt happy of course, a bit sad and upset at the same time. Let's forget the sad part, shall we ?
Nah, yesterday we went to Sun Plaza to watch Tron: Legacy in 3D. You know that movie ? It is a very good movie indeed. But only VERY GOOD, not kind of movie that'll nail to your mind for so long. When I watched it, I hardly blinked. They almost fight all the time, so there won't be a time for you to get bored. Everything is cool, even the soundtracks are good.

The effect isn't that impressive, though. And Tron wasn't the main character, he didn't play big part too, despite the title is Tron: Legacy. The main character, he is Sam Flynn. His father disappeared long time ago, leaving him a big software company for inheritance. But he was not happy at all, of course, he wondered why his father is missing. 20 years later, he entered The Grid, an utopia his father has created and trapped in. Then he found out that his father was betrayed by Clu, a software that he created to help him. He thought Clu was his father at first, as their faces were alike. Clu almost arrested him, but a girl called Quorra, saved his dear life. Then she brought him to his father. Mystery solved, yet they should find a way out. Nah, this is what the movie is all about. You should watch to know the rest. One more, bad guys in black-orange, good guys in black-blue.

We took some pictures when we were having lunch at Golden Rice. I ruined most photos, as I can't stop giggling and smirking. I am not good in front of camera, you know.

Anyway, Happy Birthday our dearest DJ!!


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