26 December 2010

Fishy Christmas

It's a bit late to say this, but, MERRY CHRISTMAS people. Did you celebrate Christmas ? Well, I didn't. But I've had a great day yesterday. My ex-teacher invited me and my friends to her father's fish-farm. It wasn't my first visit though. We did a lot of great stuff, such as rowed boats, roasted fish and many more. We ate a lot too, piquant crab, rujak, and roasted fish.

my ex-teacher

It was exhausting indeed. And I got a lot of mud on my cloth, limb, and hair. The sun also tanned my skin, it turned red and itchy. Besides, my hand was raw due to the rowing thing. I love nature, but on the other hand, I hate being dirty.

The first thing I did when I reached home was taking a bath. After that, I was too weary to do other things, so I decided to sleep. It drained all my energy, but it was worth the fun.


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