21 November 2010

Shining Romeos

I post this randomly. FYI, I am a HUGE fan of SHINee ! Woo-hoo <3
Romeo+Juliette is one of the songs from their mini album, Romeo. I really love Min Ho's rap in this songs. :)
To be honest, I dont really understand the meaning of this song. But I think it's a song about unreachable love, like the one in the story of Romeo and Juliette. And also the fear of falling in love could be felt from this song. Here are some translations of my favorite parts.
From thoughts of you, I yell inside myself, “I love you”
The echoes answer back “No way”
You don’t know me nor the love I feel for you
Before I meet with you
I try not to let my feelings control me

 I can’t say that I love you
And like a fool again, I couldn’t hold onto you

Get rid of all those lingering affections, erase them
Song is a song after all. Now, scroll down and enjoy my picture spam. :)
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