19 November 2010

Ulala Boy

Do you have any idea who is ulala boy ? For me, ulala sounds like Hawaiian. But this ulala boy, isnt a Hawaiian, instead he is a Chinese, and he's one of my friend. His name ? Billy. Some of you might know him. Some of you might not.
For those who know him, I'll share some rules of talking to this ulala boy :
1. You MUST face him
2. You MAY NOT answer his question with either yes or no only
Poor me, i didnt obey this rule, and i almost got killed. (hyperbole)
For those who dont know him, take a look at this picture.
That's all about the Ulala Boy. Who will be next ? Maybe Snow White. (I know you're reading. Kekeke. :D )
 Oh ya. I took a picture with my friends after school today. I look like a third person, dont i ? What a Cute Couple !

Leonard, Callista, Yau
p.s. if i have done sth wrong today, i would like to say sorry. :)


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