18 November 2010

Ave Maria

I feel like punching someone today. Grrr. Today is my group's turn to sing Ave Maria. And it's super terrible. After we finished the song, our teacher asked each of us to sing alone. OhMyGod. I could feel butterflies in my stomach when it was my turn. What heard next was my little and very-not-high-pitch voice. I was really embarrassed as my voice is very bad. Errghhh. :(
Today wasnt my lucky day, tough. I slept at 12 last night and it makes me felt sleepy all the day. Luckily,I didnt have any tuition today, so I could went home earlier and had some rest. But, instead of taking a nap or thing, what I do was searching for template. Kekeke. :D But, pathetically, i found that it’s really hard to use it. Actually I planned to make one, but since I am very busy these days, I should postpone it first. Are you curious about what I am busy with ? I'll tell you next time.


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