20 November 2010

Becaks And Bemoes

I had a TOEFL class today. And our teacher, Miss Tan, showed us a video using class projector. She asked us to note down some important statements from the speaker in the video. And that is what we tried to. Do you know what I noted down ? "Pulang kampung nih !" "Bakso, Sate" and the funniest one, "BecakS, BemoES". Can you now guess who the speaker is ? Obama, indeed, the president of the U.S. He gave a speech during his visit to Indonesia, showed us how friendly and intelligent person he is. I wish he would pay another visit.
Anyway, today was another great school day. Our Mandarin teacher, Mr. Eddie, didnt attend class as he went to China. So we used our free time to chat, to do homework and some of us played guitar and sang songs, such as I'm Yours, and some Indonesian songs. But in a while, a Biology teacher came as a substitute. She showed us the video of human's anatomy. It is an interesting one, yet slightly disgusting. Here are some pictures I took.
we were watching the bone
the anatomy
Willy making cute face (?)
they were playing with KJ's iPad
Willy, Vero
Yau, Willy, Vero
Willy was polishing Vero's nail (?)
nail buffer
polished nails
 It was surely a fun time. And I also bought 2 DVDs today, "Ramona&Beezus" and "Krakatoa". Happy watching to me. :) (ayay !)


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