17 November 2010

The Monopolist

Evening !
Today, we, Indonesians, are having an Idul Adha holiday. For the Muslims, i would like to say, Happy Idul Adha. :)
Well, what i am going to write is about how i spent this one-day holiday. As in my previous entry, i slept at 2.30 A.M., and today, i woke up with a headache at 9.30 A.M. After that, I went to the internet cafe beside my house with Furi and my sister. Then we had a lunch together in my home. So, what about the monopolist ?
Nah, with full stomach, me, my sister and Furi went to her house. Me and Furi supposed to play chess, but my sister suggested monopoly. And that what we played. Guess who's the winner ? Me. I won with $120,000. But that's not the point. We laughed and laughed like crazy. I dont know that monopoly can bring this much fun. It's a good game, since I won. Hehe. :)
Do you know who Furi is ? She has been my friend since i was an elementry student, and she never fails to bring laughter. When i feel distress about the school stuffs, i always go to her house. And after some hours of chit chat, i walk home with a smile and a more positive thought about the problems. It feels like pressing a refresh button in my brain.
That's all for the afternoon we spent together. Me, my sister, and Furi (and oh, it seems that Nike will join us) are going to a Chinese wayang show which takes place at a basketball field near my house. It is held anually, and usually lasts a week. There will be many people selling foods, snacks and accessories. Roasted corn, sausage, meatball, satay, pop ice, (source of fat, i know) are all i used to eat. I really love this festival, people gather and have fun together. Have you got any view of this festival ? Well, I'll take some photo if i could. And since i have to prepare before Furi comes to my house, i gotta say bye. Another boring entry from me, but i wish you'll keep reading. :)


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