28 November 2010

Yoogeun Moogeun

Hello Baby is a variety show starring members from popular Boy&Girl Group raising a baby. In Hello Baby season 1, SNSD members become moms for an infant. While in Hello Baby season 2, SHINee members become young dads for a  4 year-old toddler, named Yoogeun.  This show lasted 3 months, with total 12 episodes. It started from January 2010 until April 2010.
This show brings so much laughter. Yoogeun, the baby, is undoubtedly cute. While his appa(s) are extremely handsome. (hehehe) In this show, you can see the other side of each members, also their closeness to each other. In the end, I would like to say, YOU MUST WATCH ! :D

Key & Yoogeun at Idol Star Championship

Yoogeun learnt Lucifer dance.

He bought Lucifer album & got Key's card

newest look of Yoogeun

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