29 January 2011

Unique Gadgets

My newest wall magazine project is 5 most unique gadgets in 日本. These are the result.

5 most unique :
1. Nap Alarm
This nifty little device goes behind your ear and vibrates when it detects you are falling asleep by measuring the speed of head movements (head nodding, etc.). Perfect for boring classes, drives, and work. It costs only $15 (1,800 yen).

2. Ear Wax Cleanser/Camera
Put simply, this is one of the strangest gadgets we've come across. This device sports a camera/light at one end and a viewer at the other end -- allowing users to see built-up ear wax. It's powered by a single 9V battery and is made from anti-bacterial ASB resin/glass/stainless steel.  

3. The Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks
With these sauce dispensing chopsticks you'll never have to dip your sushi in soy sauce again For $21, you can purchsae two pairs of these chopsticks -- made from polypropylene and ABS.

4. Japanese Air-Shower System
This Japanese air-shower system is situated in a 2 m (tall) x 90 cm (wide) chamber and uses 12 nozzles to blow off any allergens (pollen and dust) found on the body/clothes.

5. Cardboard Speakers
MUJI (best known in Japan for their innovative yet simple products) introducesa new line of cardboard speakers, which consist of "a few" electronic components and ship unfolded in a clear plastic pouch -- so fold them up and they're ready to use.

source : http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/top-10-strangest-japanese-gadgets-and-accessories

These are all for this month, see you again on February, the month for lovers. ♥


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