26 January 2011

Late Hero

大家 好!我 今天 要 写 关于 我和朋友 练习 的 戏剧。Duh! It's really hard to write in Mandarin, although it's one of the most popular international language nowadays. I think I require a Mandarin tuition, yet I've just attended 2 new tuitions (English and Chemistry) this month, on that score I don't think I can join any tuition soon–I'll look so greedy if I do so.
Anyhow, I didn't intend to write about this at first. Back to 5 days ago, my Bahasa Indonesia teacher asked us to make up a drama which we'll have to perform a week later. First thing first, we created a group; my group consits of 8 people, 4boys 4girls. Ulala boy and me went to the same group, and he's the one who suggested this "Late Hero" story. We sketched out the detail afterwards, created up some additional characters, and arranged the plot. Helped by Melisa, Billy and Vero, I wrote half of the script. Billy and Vero finished the rest.

Some synopsis for you, dearest reader!
Me as narrator
Billy as hero
Vero as witch
Willy and Ivaldy as twin scientists
Eka as police
Melisa as goddess
Ody as citizen with the worst luck
Genre. Comedy
Late hero was cursed by a goddess; he would had forty winks whenever he saw or encountered a pillow. He had two scientific friends who helped him to break the curse, yet the twin scientists failed all the time. He had an old foe, a witch–a mirror you can say, yes! She was a witch with a super mirror power. Don't insult her, otherwise she would recited a spell on you! She has no physical strength to fight against the hero, hence she escaped every fight. How ? A pillow would popped out from nowhere in the middle of the fight, guess what happened next? The hero fell asleep! Giving enough time for the witch to escape. Nah! Will the hero win? You can continue using your own imagination! It's up to you.

Synopsis done! We practised in Billy's house at 11 on Sunday. It was a mess actually, but I thought it's quite okay you know. We merely need some practices.

PRACTICE BRINGS PERFECTION, couldn't agree more!


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