15 January 2011


This is something I rarely talk about. I have no idea how to start this post actually. I read a girl's blog just now, and it made me started to think about love. Why ? Because this girl posted a lot about her and her ex-boyfriend, which made me felt a bit, how to say, jealous maybe. I don't know this ex-couple whatsoever, so I didn't envy the girl her boyfriend, let alone vice versa.
What made me jealous was the love this girl feel for the boy. I mean, why she cried, waited, even begged for this boy's love, when there are so many boys in this goddamn world. I don't get it! Is it love that caused her doing such things ? I wish I could feel that way as well, I don't mean the cry-wait-beg part of course, but the way this Ms. Blogger love her ex-boyfriend. She is stupid indeed (sorry for saying this), yet on the other hand, so sincere. I wished this girl could find her own happiness soon. Be tough, girl!
I wished someday, somewhere, I'll meet someone that can make me feel what people call true love. I didn't say that I never love someone, only a hypocrite will say so, hence don't get me wrong. I've ever fallen once–long long ago, and I hate talking about it. Great, I have myself out of my comfort zone now. Let's change the topic, have a look at the boys I've ever, still fallen for. kekeke :D

Yamada Ryosuke (Hey!Say!JUMP) - 9th May 1993

Lee Jae Jin (FT Island) - 17th December 1991

Moon Joo Won - 30th September 1988

♥♥ most favorite husband boyfriend idol ;p
Key (SHINee) - 23th September 1991

Do you realise that they have many things in common (minus Joo Won) ? Yes! They have girlish faces, sharp eyes and girls-will-melt-by smiles. <3


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