06 January 2011

Baker King

This drama is eminently popular now, despite the fact that the main actors are rookies. Yoon Shi Yoon was a sitcom actor once, he also got a chance to play in Death Bell 2 with T-ara Ji Yeon. On the other hand, this drama was the first for my lovely Joo Won. Eugene who played Shin Yu Kyung was a member of girl group SES, which has been disbanded. And Lee Young Ah, she was sort of popular for her previous dramas, but not yet a big, top actress. This drama should be turning-points for their lives. I believe, we'll see their faces as lead roles in other upcoming dramas, and for now, many CFs with their selling faces have been aired as a proved to their raising popularities. Take your time and enjoy pictures below.

 Press Conference


Tak Goo's step siblings

they look like young bosses


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