04 January 2011


This is my very first post for this year, isn't it ? Well, Happy New Year people. Doing great lately ? I'm not. I still wonder why my school started earlier than other schools. The 10-day holidays was surely not enough, and with that thought of the last exam still haunts me, my days were totally perfect. I abhor myself for being such a lame, pessimistic person. Since this is a new year, a new beginning, I wish I can change my bad habits and think in a more positive way. Amen !
I was raking through my SHINee's folder when I found these images. I can't resist to show my key off. Look at my key, look, look, look ! His skin is so gorgeous. His M-shaped lip is so tempting. His eyes are so sharp. Ohmyyy. Sorry for my randomness. :) God bless.

This is a link to a video of SHINee performing Lucifer in MBC Gayo Daejun 2010. Loverholic! Robotronic! Awww.


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