08 January 2011


Someone needs help here. Duh, feels like going to explode soon. Do you have any idea what has happened or what is imminent ? Some classes have received report papers today. And the rest, included my class, will received them on Monday. I've congratulated most of my friends for getting high ranks and marks. And me, myself, feel like total loser now. If you read my previous entry, Final, you'll know what I mean. I've done very bad this semester. I'm not clever or genious whatsoever, but I do feel despondent when it comes to a deplorable academic result. The worst thing is that I know I've failed, but the deepest part of my mind stubbornly refuses the fact, and still puts hope in it. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it ?

No, no, no, this is all wrong. Think positive, think positive, think positive. I'm losing my mind, eh ?


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