13 June 2011

Lip Service

I hate it when people only pay lip-service to me or something I own or make-I hate insincere praise. I don't know whether this is me who could hardly believe in people or it's true that most people tend to pay lip-service. Sometimes, you know, it's important to praise people, maybe to boost up one's confidence or encourage someone, but it's better if you speak the truth, say whether you like it or not, and give your advice so that someone could amend his/her flaw.
I rarely praise someone, and when I do, I do it sincerely. If I like it, I'll just say I like it, fair and square, with no additional flattery. But if I don't like it, here lies the problem, I tend to say it point-blank and sometimes it hurts people, I know, but I never mean to. This is what I'm working on; learn to choose my words carefully so nobody will be hurt. Ahh. I'm just so random, aren't I?


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