11 June 2011

Cute Cakes

We spent our day to make some cupcakes today. Me, DJ, Cindy and her sister went to buy the ingredients first. It took almost half an hour to get all of them. After that we went back to Cindy's house and to our astonishment, Beatrice has been waiting for us there. Not wanting to waste our time, we started to make it according to the recipe Vero gave me. I was diffident initially since it was the first time for all of us, and we only depended on the recipe, but then it turned out pretty good. Honestly, it wasn't very luscious since I think it wasn't sweet enough, but it really was a good outcome.





what I brought home in the end

specially decorated ♥

After steaming all the cupcakes we went to Pizza Hut to have our lunch. Not just having lunch, we also sat there for almost 2 and a half hours to gossip. It was a fun thing to do, both having lunch together and gossiping. So the conclusion of today is that I was so happy to spend a quality time together for we rarely met each other due to our different schools, and the cupcakes were pretty. ;)


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