27 June 2011

The Snow Queen

I look like a pig now. I sleep at 3-4 AM everyday and wake up at 11-12 AM. I wish I didn't gain any weight during this holiday time. Anyway, yesterday my aunt gave us her DVDs collection. When I heard about this, I thought it would be around 50-100 DVDs, but then it turned out to be 2 colossal bags full of DVDs. I assess there were more than 800 DVDs inside. It even took both me and my sister to carry one bag upstairs. Inside, there were so many old Taiwan, HK and Korean dramas, some were even older than me. But there were some new K-dramas, Western movies and even new Korean MVs too. So, I sought for some inviting dramas or movies, and I ended up watching The Snow Queen now. I chose this drama purely because Hyun Bin played the main role, he became one of my favorite actors after I watched Secret Garden.

This is a 2006 drama in which Hyun Bin played as Han Tae Woong, a genius student who befriended another arrogant genius, Kim Joeng Kyu (Lee Sun Ho). Both of them joined an international math olympiad, but after Tae Woong outdid Joeng Kyu and became the winner, JK committed suicide. It led TW into a deep sorrow which caused him to leave his school and become a boxer.

Before this incident took place, TW inadvertently met a very cheek and bossy little girl whom later involved in a complicated love story with him. The girl felt depressed and lonely due to her mother's death and ran away from her house, aiming to go to Lapland, where The Snow Queen lived. TW then took her to an amusement park, cheered her up and asked her to go home. They separated even before TW knew her name, and accidentally met again after 8 years.

During episode 8 or 9, it was revealed that the girl was JK's younger sister. It was even more heartbroken for TW because that girl, whom he began to love, Bo Ra (Seong Yoo Ri), confessed that she loved him without knowing TW's real identity. He felt dejected and culpable for JK's death, thus he lied and asked her to stay away from him. In the end of this drama, Bo Ra who has suffered Myasthenia Gravis since she was a little girl, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her condition worsened and she asked TW to bring her to Lapland, but she died and TW decided to fulfil her last request and go to Lapland.

Most of old korean dramas had very sad storylines and we can't talk about tearjerking K-drama without mentioning Endless Love series, such as Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz and Summer Scent. There are also Stairways to Heaven, I'm Sorry I Love You and Glass Shoes. Basically saddest dramas were ended by the death of one or both lead characters, whether it was due to sickness or accident. It was also the same with this drama, The Snow Queen, in which the girl died due to illness.
I've just reached episode 10, but I knew intuitively that this will be a sad story and the girl will die eventually. That's why I searched for the spoiler. I don't know exactly why I decided to write about this. But there's one thing I know, a light and funny romance is more preferable for me and pan-juvenile.


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