08 March 2011

In The Middle

Arghh! I'm in the middle of mid test now. Today was the second day and we got Civics and English test. I worked harder this time since I got an out-and-out result last semester. And so far so good! I'm satisfied with my Chemistry test yesterday. I also think that I've done pretty good as for today tests. But I'm not confident with my Maths, let alone Physics. Thanks God, we'll have a break tomorrow, so there are 2 days left before Maths.
Anyhow, I watched MblaQ Idol Army days ago, and I'm officially in love with them. Thunder, Sandara's brother, catches my attention the most. But SeungHo, G.O, Mir are handsome as well, while Joon is my least favorite member.

That's all for this post. Need to study!


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