13 March 2011

I Know You Can

2 days ago, precisely at 11th March 2011, the worst earthquake in Japan history occured. Followed by a 30-foot lethal tsunami, this earthquake, which was 8.9 on the Richter scale, consumed more or less 1100 victims and devastated hundreds, or maybe thousands of houses, buildings and cars up till now. It was also reported that a meltdown happened at Fukushima nuclear plant, spreading the fears of any possibility of leaking radioactive material or further explosion.
I thought this might be just another earthquake when I heard this news, since earthquake is a usual thing in Japan. But it was then that I realised how huge this is, I started to quail. I have loved Japan since my first year of JHS, and I love it more ever since. Japan is a very beautiful country with a magnificent culture. No wonder the world was filled with grief after hearing this news.
Although there's nothing I can help, I wish Japan can overcome the anguish caused by the catastrophe. I believe you can.

pictures that torn people's heart


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