04 March 2011


Ha! How long have I been gone? Now I'm here to fill you.
I've been through a rough week you know. And it's because of P2S1, which is at it's end now. I joined recycling and bulletin board competition, have I mentioned them? I also tried my luck by sending the P2S1's symbol I made.
Hitherto, our class has received some medal–more than we expected actually. But before P2S1 comes to it's end, I'm not going to count them first, since we're still waiting for another medals.
I dedicated this post to all my classmates who have struggled a lot for the recycling competition, which brought us the first gold. Do you know what we made? Since the theme of the recycling is Indonesia, we made Monas, the landmark of Jakarta. And because the bulletin board's deadline was one week before recycling's, so we determined to finish BB first. After we accomplished it, all of a sudden we heard that the recycling's deadline was accelerated to Friday, so it left only 4 days for us.
Filled with despair, some of us even talked about yielding. But Feona, me and some others refused, and the rest started to change their mind afterwards. We also changed the whole plan of making Borobudur and made a new one, Monas. With a new plan and new gusto, we sketched our monas and finished the basic foundation, which was made from cardboard, in only one day.
Our Monas has 4 functions, such as, an ornament, a tissue box, a small cupboard, and the last and most controversial lamp-holder. Why is it controversial? Because the lamps aren't recycable, yes. But, one thing I want to clarify here is that we didn't make the lamps, we made a lamp-holder instead.
I wish people could understand the difference between lamp and lamp-holder. Like the tissue box, we put tissue in it to show it's function. It's impossible for us to recycle the tissue paper, isn't it? The same thing was applied to the lamp-holder. The lamps were also made by one of our class member, Vero, since we prevented to spend money for this project.
The cupboard was nailed by Ody, Kenly and Julie. Eka was the one who gathered the useless wood from her father's factory. The wood was really useless, it can be proved by it's rough surface and unmatched size that we covered with newspaper-pulp.
Suggested by Billy, the lazy-susan was made from broken glass. It was placed between the cupboard and monas, so we could rotate the monas. The body of our monas was covered by newspaper that was cut like pieces of puzzle. This idea was from Vero while SPU, Sherly, Inneke, Zuel, Fitri, Ivana, and Loretta materialised it. With Leonardy and Kevin's presentation, we accomplished our project.
We put our hopes in it. We wish we could win, at least silver, since other's projects are also impressive. Today around 11, when Julie and Cindy entered our class with very bright smiles, we knew what they meant. They confirmed it by saying GOLD. In a second we, all of the class members, screamed, jumped and clapped our hands like crazy. Our hard work was paid off.

our masterpiece <3


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