21 March 2011

Dream High

This drama focuses on 6 adolescents who worked hard in order to be idols. As they needed to practice before their debut, they enrolled themselves for Kirin high school in which they were taught to sing and dance. They encountered many problems afterwards. Rivalvy, treachery, jealousy, and dishonety were common things in this field, so did love and rumor. As time passed by, they were able to solve all their problems and fulfil their dreams.

Although she was beautiful and had an amazing voice, Goo Hye Mi was a stubborn and brazzen damsel. She had a dream to attend Julia high school, a school focused on classic music. But due to her father's bankruptcy, she had to enter Kirin high school instead. She failed her interview for her cocky and impudent demenour, yet the headmaster found her to be interesting and let her join the worst class in the school, the experimental class.
Song Sam Dong was a country boy, he had the makings of a singer thanks to his dead father. He was chosen to enter the experimental class with Hye Mi and 2 others. He really looked like a beggar before Hye Mi cut his hair and styled him. In the middle of this drama, he was at his wit's end when he realised that he got a problem with his ears. He almost gave up his dream to stand on the stage. *Sam Dong was so cute. Ahh my favorite*
He was a son of a very rich politician, but it was so pity of him that he was a child of his father's concubine. Jin Goo was, in short, ahem, a bastard. Wanted to hide him, his father decided to send him abroad. But he refused and entered Kirin high school as an experimental class' member. He was involved in a love triangle with Hye Mi and Sam Dong.
She was neither the best singer nor the best dancer, yet she worked harder than anyone else. She used to be innocent before Hye Mi betrayed her. Baek Hee hated Hye Mi afterwards and fell in love with Jin Goo, a one-sided love actually.
Pil Sook was a very fat girl with a very sweet voice. She was in love with Jason, she always put a lollipop on his locker everyday. After confessing her love, she promised to go on a diet and come back to Jason after 200 days. She fulfilled her promise and became a very beautiful damsel. She was a member of experimental class.
Being the best student in his school, Jason was very proud of himself and very self-centred. He was doing well in both singing and dancing, that he always considered himself as the main singer and dancer. He later realised his true feeling for Pil Sook.

Cast as followed
Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong

Suzy as Go Hye Mi

Taecyeon as Jin Goo

Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee

Wooyoung as Jason

IU as Kim Pil Sook
I really love this drama, oh, no lie. 5 of the casts were singers, so I had no doubt of their voices, yet to my suprise I found that Sam Dong who was played by a non-singer actor had a very impressive voice as well. This drama is worth your time, make sure you watch it.


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