18 February 2011


I know you so well. Girl, I need you. Girl, I heart you.
Now, if you are an Indonesian, you should've known what I mean. What was written above is a piece of SM*SH's newest and only song, I Heart You. SM*SH, a new Indonesian boygroup, consists of 7 members; Morgan, Rafael, Dicky, Bisma, Ilham, Reza, and Rangga. Abbreviated to Seven Man As Seven Heroes, SM*SH was considered as a copycat of korean boygroup. Many k-popers dislike them due to this reason. But I think we, especially Indonesians, should support their talents. How can outside people support them while the inside one keep mocking them? Go get a life, as I used to say. They have made their way this far, so just let it be, or support them instead of making fun of them.
Anyway, I write about this after watching their new drama, Cinta Cenat Cenut. Don't try these words at google translator; you won't find the meaning. Nah, this #CintaCenatCenut became trending topic at twitter not long after the drama was played. And I'm a bit suprised to see that their drama was zealously welcomed. Wow, I think, they've gone this far. This drama is a bit like BBF or Meteor Garden or that kind of dramas, which follows the life of popular and rich and handsome prig and a rebellious pauper. I call this a C- drama, yet as this is their first drama, then i know you know lah!

Actually, I think this group was influenced by the very-popular-nowadays korean wave, and it isn't a copycat. But yes, their qualities are way too far from korean boygroup's. When I watched their MV for the first time, I thought they copied BEAST's style.

 Morgan, the pretty boy of this group

p.s. I don't know why Rafael wasn't included in those photos.


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