17 February 2011

The Luxe

Nah! I'm so busy right now. But still, I can't refrain from writing and keeping my blog updated. So, I think I'm going to write about the book I'm reading now.

The Luxe from Anna Godbersen tells the story about Elisabeth Holland and her sister, Diana Holland. It took place at Manhattan in 1899 when Elisabeth's father, a very rich and well-known nobleman, died and left nothing but debt for them. Thwarting her family from falling in poverty, her mother decided to marry her to a very handsome and rich playboy, Henry Schoonmaker.
Nobody seemed to be conscious of her affair with her coachman, Will Keller, until the night when her maid and ex-bestfriend, Lina, caught sight of her as she was lurking to Will's room. Lina and Will were Liz's playmates, yet as Liz grown up, she began to know her position and role as a socialite, hence she gave her playmates a wide berth. Later, she began to perceive her love to Will.
Not long after wooing her sister, Henry met and kissed Diana, a wild lady who seeked for freedom and true love. They began their secret relationship afterwards. It was a fun game for both Diana and Henry, who were fed up with their boring noble life.
Penelope, Henry's ex and Liz's bestfriend, filled in the bad guy lady role. She was new to this upper class as her family has just began to gain their wealth from her grandfather's trade. The beautiful yet cocky lady pretended to be Liz's friend because she believed that a best friend could be one's strongest enemy.
The Luxe, followed by Rumors, Envy and Splendor, was a novel of The Luxe series. This series focused on Holland sisters' complicated love story. One thing that lured me to buy this novel was the cover, which has an elegant and gorgeous lady's picture on it. I'm planning to buy the second book after finishing the first book. But the reason of buying the novel has changed, as I think these novels are worth reading.

To my mind, this girl might be :
Elizabeth Holland 

Penelope Hayes

Diana Holland

Lina Broud

p.s. Lina will played big part in the next book.


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