14 February 2011


For you to know, we are in the middle of P2S1, Pekan Prestasi Sutomo 1, which is a popular annual event of our school. It was held for more or less 2 weeks, with one main event in which some students performed their talent such as singing, dancing, playing drama and telling jokes.
Students, embodied their classes, competed to get medals in 2 weeks. Many competitions were provided; badminton, relay race, wall magazine, graphic design, programming, karaoke, sudoku, othello, scrabble, debate, news reading. In short, it was countless, more than 50 medals were provided as gifts. And class with the most medals would be regarded as a champion in the end of this event.
I join wall magazine and recycling competition this year. I hope I can contribute medals to my class that way. Wishing to gain a medal, I also tried to send my creations of P2S1 symbol and mascot. I didn't win indeed. I am lacked of skill and time. But it doesn't matter. You win, you get medal, you lose, you get experience. So nothing to lose. Nah, as for my classmates, I wish they can do their best and win. For the one who have lost, I wish they can take it easy and try again next year.
I posted my creations here. What do you think? My friends said that the mascot is weird and childish. Well, it's weird of course as I'm not good at creating something like this.


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