22 February 2011

First Kiss

My iPod randomly played this song yesterday. First kiss from FT Island is indeed a sweet song. The melody, lyric and meaning are all sweet. It is a song about someone who is curious about how first kiss feel. This is a song from their album, Cheerful Sensibility, which was published in 2008. Actually I planned to write only some lines that catch me the most, but since they are all do, I'll just post the complete translation for you, who are wondering about this as well. ♥


Will it be as exciting as it in movies?
The first time our lips touch
I think we're going to meet tomorrow
Why is my heart already beating so fast?
And feeling like it'll explode

Will it be like cotton candy, I wonder,
I imagine it through closed eyes
Is she imagining the same thing as well?
Right now?

I think it'll be sweet like candy
Somehow I think I'll even smell acacia
I worry that I'll get addicted to that smell
But the thing that worries me the most,
no one would believe but
I've never kissed anyone before

Should I turn my head like in the movies?
How will I breath after our lips touch?
I worry about that too
When should I close my eyes, what about my nose?
Exactly how long should it go on, I really don't know

If it's sweet like candy
I'm going to stay like that for a long time
Even if I get high of her lips
I'll stay up the whole night
Should I confess to her first since she might not like me being unexperienced?
To tell you the truth this the first time I'll kiss someone

A long time after I stayed up all night worrying about that
We finally brought our lips together in the deep night
More sugary than a lemon
I really couldn't move a bit
I froze as I got high of the happiness
Why am I so thankful and relieved for being unexperienced, girl
I'll promise, forever I'll kiss only you
I'll only kiss you


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