15 January 2012


Hey, hey, heyy!!!
Happy new year 2012
Too late already for me to say this, huh? Anyway, I haven't posted anything here since July, yes? That doesn't mean I've lost my interest in writing. I do love writing, but I've got some problem with my internet connection since I don't have any modem. I should buy one this year, shouldn't I?
So, how's life so far? Well, many things happened in my life. New year, new phone, new people in my life. I feel gratified that many good things happened in my life. But let's go back to 2011 first. Nothing special happened until November. There were so many many parties to attend. From my friends' to my own birthday party. Yes, my birthday is November 16. I'm officially 17 now, I've even got my own ID card. So happy!
During December, I've got my final exam and after that, holiday!! Yeah Christmas and New Year holiday. And I had BBQ with my friends on New Year eve. We celebrated the last day of 2011 with many joys and food and fireworks. It was so much fun! We had the BBQ at Kevin's house. We helped him to clean the house first in the afternoon. I felt happy that I met many new friends there. We got closer ever since and now we've become a big family called WATSON. I've been accepted to their family on January 7. And they also decided that date to be our family's birthday. We're going to celebrate our first month on February. Hope our family would be blessed and our dreams could come true.
Miracles also happened in the last and first day of 2011 and 2012. Someone, who I've wronged, bbm-ed me and I felt happy that I got a chance to at least say sorry. And another person, who I miss so much, didn't forget my birthday. I thought he forgot my birthday since he didn't greet me, but the truth is he asked my BB pin from one of my friend. Alas! I didn't have BB that time.
Ah! I've just got my report book. And to be honest, I was so happy to know that I got rank 66 from 496 students. My rank dropped, yes, I've predicted it. But I thought that I can't be top 100 anymore! So it was a miracle I stayed there. I thank Jesus for everything I've got. I believe in Him and everything He planned for me. Wahh my very first post of the year is too long already. Then that's it for now. Bye. *hug*

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