21 August 2012

Catching Up

Ohh crap! This looks like a dead blog already. It's been months since I last wrote something. So, life's been so wonderful; everything goes smoothly.
I've officially graduated from high school last May with, err, sufficient-but-not-satisfying result. I was quite taken aback when I first saw my report paper; it has a 42/49 written on it. As if it wasn’t enough, I’ve also got 1 insufficient mark in physics. My rank dropped drastically yet there’s nothing to be regretted about. At first I was scared to tell my parents because I played a lot during that semester, I also skipped class and tuition without them knowing.
However my struggle didn’t end there, I still had to study hard for SNMPTN, I forget what that stands for, but it’s a national test held for students who wants to pursue their studies at local universities. We can choose either 2 majors in 1 university or 1 major in 2 different universities. So we basically have two choices; I had medical science for my first choice, and dentistry for my second choice, both were to be taken at University of North Sumatera. We had the test on June, so I had more than a month to prepare myself and I decided to take a course at Ganesha Operation, an institution which specialised in preparing students for the test. And luckily enough I passed the test, so I was accepted at USU (University of North Sumatera), majoring in medical science.
My big family was delighted and I received some presents from them. My friends also congratulated me for my acceptance; most of my friends who joined this test also passed it and I congratulated them as well. Twitter was overflowed with congratulatory tweets for those who passed.
Unknowingly, I’ve written so many, many things already. But what to do, I’m just that talkactive!

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